Psychology of Mind Control

William Hoover, Psychology, Mind Control
William Hoover, Psychology, Mind Control

Psychology of Mind Control


Psychology of Mind Control by William L. Hoover, Ph.D.

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This is my grandfather's book that he used in his college classroom. It also stands alone to instruct, inspire, and encourage anyone to appreciate the possession and care of a sound mind. I was in high school when he worked on this in his home office. On one of my many visits, he asked me to pencil a picture for a chapter titled "The Controlled Mind—or the Mind Controlled." I was so proud to be asked to be a part of his project. (The picture is on page 198.) About 20 years later, I found myself writing my own book in his former home office. The apple fell in the same place twice.  

Here is a book that begins with the meaning of MIND, REALITY, and EXPERIENCE and then moves into the BATTLE for the mind, discussing vulnerability and principles of infiltration by those who would seek to influence us against our wills. Down-to-earth suggestions are given to help ward off the "infiltrators" as the complex SELF is analyzed with a view toward creating a "citadel" by going back to the basics—communication, education, and the aesthetic. Specific attention is devoted to various concepts of the spiritual realm as well as an examination of those religions and cults that could have profound influence on the mind. Finally, a formula is presented to help individuals to manage their stress, live above and beyond the "daily grind," and to never relinquish personal control within and without. 

The book is about more than Mind Control. Dr. Hoover presents, in effect, a "philosophy of mind" or "philosophical psychology"—which incorporates an integrated approach to life in general with repeated emphasis on the power of the thought life to produce in every sense of the word "the good life." The individual will be shown how to withstand the incessant intrusions of those who would, if they could, break in on the peace and serenity of those who know what they believe and have the courage to speak out and take a stand.

Dr. William L. Hoover, Professor of Psychology, received his Ph.D. from the University of Toledo with a major in Guidance and Counseling, and minors in Philosophical-Sociological-Psychological Foundations of Education, Higher Education, and Educational Administration. His M.A. is from Wheaton College, Illinois, and his B.A. is from Wayne State University. He taught at the University of Toledo and Adelphi University before coming to Suffolk Community College in 1967. He has engaged in personal counseling for over 20 years, and is currently reviewing for publishers in psychology, doing research on the human mind, and continuing work on articles for lectures and publications.

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