Writing Now

* Biography: “The Lives and Time of Billie Phillips Jr.”

On Deck

* My second full-length novel: "Sky Ride Tap"

* Short story: “Upright Harmonica”


“Fuck That’s Delicious” by Action Bronson

“Everything and More” by David Foster Wallace

Other Things

Running along the north shore, working out and using the sauna at Outlift Athletics, walking meditations

Bartending at The Country Corner and Billie’s 1890 Saloon, waiting for the return of Mario’s after its recent fire

Recently saw The Rolling Stones in NJ and The Bellegards at the Velvet Lounge

Painting and drawing, scrapbooking, posting a different coffee mug every day before my morning writing begins, eating healthy during the day so I can enjoy a burger and a beer at night

LLL IV, Aug. 19, 2019