I’m a writer by morning, bartender and tap dancer by night. After teaching Math for twelve years, the closing of my school gave me the impetus to write with a purpose. Born from a decade of poetry and street art, Wednesday Night Meeting lives as my first novel. Doubly Bubbly, a novella, contains a lot of empty space since it is meant to mirror the mind of the typical heterosexual male. It’s pretty silly, but with a touch of pretension.

    I grew up in Mt. Sinai, Long Island, and despite its name, it’s almost completely flat. My father, he goes by Lee, the middle initial of our shared name, taught me to love baseball. My mother, Marcia, taught me it’s not only O.K. to dance and wear sequins on stage, but that girls might even like you because of it. My maternal grandparents combined to be a third guardian. Through the art of language, William Hoover taught me to keep searching for meaning, and Marian brought me to the place where I found it: New York City.

    I Graduated Adelphi University with a degree in Mathematics, but majored in trying to solve the abstract equation of what life is about. My education has come from friends and lushes, preachers and professors, colleagues and former students—and has been further sparked by Manhattan skyscrapers and the harbors of Port Jefferson and Setauket. My style is most influenced by the writers E.E. Cummings, Langston Hughes, O. Henry, and David Foster Wallace; the filmmakers Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch; and the music of Kanye West and Charles Mingus.