The Pre-sale for "Wednesday Night Meeting" and Kickstarter project is live and on your interwebs!

Here's my project page!

I don’t like asking people for anything, but for this, I will. It's important the campaign gets some love in the first few days to bring more attention to it to a broader audience. It will help the ratings when people search for new projects. So, if you'd like to support my efforts and the novel, please consider checking it out this weekend. It all starts with you, my closest friends and family, and will hopefully radiate from there. 

For more about the book, I put a video together on the Kickstarter page where I talk about my motivations for writing every day and the subjects that have most inspired me. It’s about three minutes long and you get to watch me look awkward on camera! 

Thank you again for everything! I both excited and nervous about what will happen next. I hope you'll join me!

All my best,