Dear Friends,

In what has taken the better part of a year after the release of the print edition, for reasons and faults both circumstantial and my own, this baby is finally available digitally. Doing everything on your own has benefits and detriments, with the chief negative being the finite resource of time. In creating an unusual book (the layout, the concordance of endnotes, the custom fonts, and strange arrays of poems), it's made this process very difficult. And it's not even 100% where I want it to be. It's about 98.6%, but it's enough where I can feel alright about putting it out into the world of zeros and ones. I plan on updating the last 1.4% in the near future. But with two other projects on the horizon, I'm ready to put more effort swimming out into the unknown. (Project #1: I've been hired to write the Memoir/Biography of Billie Phillips Sr., which is in the interview stage as I mine both the subject and his cohorts for stories. Project #2: Writing the first draft of my second novel called tentatively called "Sky Ride Tap" about a comically prophetic tap dancer living in Chicago. At least that's how I'm starting out.)

If you'd like a code for a free ebook, just send me an email and I'll send you one for the iBooks Edition (Apple's Platform). If you've purchased a copy on Amazon, the Kindle Edition now comes with the paperback in a bundle. If you visit the Amazon page, it will show a price of $0.00, and you can add it to your cart.

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Thanks again for all of your support, interest, kind words, and positive reviews. It's a monster of a book and not a light read, so I genuinely appreciate it. (And the hardcover is still forthcoming, believe it or not.)


Louis L. Lasser IV