Here are some reviews about Wednesday Night Meeting on Amazon. It means so much to me that people have enjoyed the novel and took the time to post their thoughts. Every time I read a book, I feel I get to take someone else's brain for a test drive. So it's a strange thing that other people are now jumping into mine. Feel free to join in; my friends tell me there's plenty of room.  —LLL IV


5 stars / must read!

By dLew on September 9, 2017 / Format: Paperback

lasser's vivid tapestry, unspooled from the fabric of a near futuristic new york approaching a digital dystopia, deftly weaves the existential journeys of four characters as they attempt to navigate the perils of love, identity, and spirituality, through rebelious art, music, and the after hours... as much a mystery as it is a dark comedy!


5 stars / Stroke of Brilliance

By Anthony M.on June 18, 2017 / Format: Paperback

A beautifullly written "strange novel of connected short stories" is exactly how I would describe Wednesday Night Meeting. Louis L. Lasser's self proclaimed and accurately described "weird book" captivates beginning to end with vignettes of the 4 main characters poetically converging revealing the true interconnectivity of the city we all love, NYC. LLL's emergence into the literary scene most definitely has me anticipating his next stroke of brilliance. Highly recommended!


5 stars / Must read..

By Theodore P. Heim on February 22, 2017 / Format: Paperback

Truly enjoyable book. Fantastic characters. Poetic,insightful, and captivating. Highly recommend.


5 stars / A very sophisticated modern novel

By RJ Letwins on April 17, 2017 / Format: Paperback

A truly enjoyable complex work of literature that reads like a number of short stories that intertwine into a comprehensive novel, cocktail recipe book, NYC travelogue, peek into the world of off beat art and historical jazz, while presenting an apocalyptic warning of what the future could hold for mankind if certain technologies, cultural and religious fanaticisms go unchecked. You can appreciate the deep thoughts the author brings to paper through his characters actions, struggles and beliefs. It presents the constant friction between mainstream ideologies and the alternative "buck the system" as his characters struggle with everyday societal, cultural and family issues. While there seems to be one dominant character its hard not to become intimately involved with following all four of the books characters. The format or construction of the book is truly unique, as scenes end abruptly,page formats change erratically, what appears to be random thoughts all of a sudden appear, the concordance (index) is actually used at times to present mini stories and mathematical undertones are everywhere. While the book does physically end you get the feeling that the stories have not ended for the author and we might see more. Be prepared to learn a lot of fun facts about baseball and new words to expand your vocabulary. George Orwell and Joseph Heller, meet Louis L. Lasser IV.