Thanks to Derek Sivers, I've started a NOW page. I'll post what projects I'm working on, the books I'm reading, what I'm listening to, etc.

Here's my first "What I'm Doing Now":

*Getting ready to launch my Kickstarter campaign to self-publish my novel "Wednesday Night Meeting." I want to be in charge of every step of the process for the clearest representation for my vision of the book—one of connected short stories. 

*Running and training for a half-marathon in a few weeks.

*Mornings: coffee, writing, & hanging out with my rabbit.

*Bartending at Mario's in Setauket, NY

*Teaching Rhythm Tap Classes in Sayville, NY

*Reading: Images of America: The Setaukets, Old Field, and Poquott; Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

*Watching: House of Cards, Turn (Washington's Spies), NY Yankees

*Listening to: The Bellegards "Perfect Strangers", Miles Davis "Kind of Blue", Kanye West "The Life of Pablo", Odell "Tre Subar"

*Enjoying great dinners and laughs with my wife, Cara